How to Mitigate Covid-19 Risks at Meetings

The pandemic is a long-term problem and event planners should be implementing solutions, says risk-management expert Bruce McIndoe.


Meeting planners are getting nervous again — with good reason, according to risk-management expert Bruce McIndoe. If we don’t act collectively to reduce the spread of Covid-19, we’ll be grappling with the virus for years, he posits. Listen to his discussion with Northstar’s Loren Edelstein in this episode of Eventful. Among best practices for meetings, McIndoe explains why everyone should be wearing masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status. (Read highlights from the interview in this article.)

Among topics discussed:

  • What the virus is likely to do over the next few months (2:00)
  • Why everyone should be wearing masks, whether or not they’re vaccinated (4:00)
  • Challenges and solutions for meetings and events (6:30)
  • Why a number of companies have decided not to hold in-person events until Q1 2022 (10:20)
  • The reasons why unless vaccination rates are high globally, the virus will spread and new variants will emerge (11:30)
  • The high probability of long-term health problems among those who’ve had Covid, including cognitive decline (14:30)
  • Best practices for meetings and events, and common errors to avoid (18:30)

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