How Event Professionals Can Use Twitter to Maximize Success

The social media site can be used to drive long-term engagement with attendees and measure meeting success.

The first-ever tweet was sent out into the Internet abyss on March 21, 2006, by Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey (@Jack). Since then, Twitter -- which originally aimed to serve as nothing more than an SMS-messaging platform where friend groups could keep tabs on each other -- has taken on an enormous life of its own and become a popular platform for event promotion. 

"The main piece of advice I have for planners is to stop marketing meetings as if they're one-time events," says Michael Brenner (@BrennerMichael), author, keynote speaker and CEO of Marketing Insider Group. "The mindset needs to change. Meetings should not be looked at as having a beginning and an end; nor should the event's social media strategy." Brenner says that Twitter is a great tool for marketing and connecting on a long-term basis. The key, he says, is remaining consistent in the quantity and quality of content you tweet. 

Jeff Hurt (@JeffHurt), CEO of Empowered Epiphanies, a business consulting group, agrees. "I see too many meeting professionals blandly tweeting registration deadlines, fees and register-now tweets, and leaving it at that. That method bores people's brains and might lead them to ignore your posts."

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