How to Promote a Culture of Well-Being at Your Meeting

Consider these wellness event ideas, including corporate social responsibility activities and creative F&B.

Promoting wellness at an event can go well beyond serving healthy food at lunch and adding a group yoga session in the morning. Increasingly, planners are looking for ways to create a more all-encompassing "culture of well-being" at a gathering that incorporates mind, body and social responsibility.

"Well-being is a much broader and expanded state of being that includes wellness," says Lee Papa, who facilitates meditation and mindfulness programs for organizations and corporate events. "Throwing activities and activations against the wall to see what sticks is not the best path."

Instead, she encourages planners to take a more holistic approach to wellness at their events, thinking about the event as an opportunity to offer healthy choices in a wide range of ways, from CSR activities to mindfulness breaks.

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