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As a meeting planner, your objective is simple: To plan -- and execute -- the best event that you can. But customer satisfaction requires much more than a successful meeting, according to Adam Sloyer, CEO of events agency Sequence. In a blog post for Meetings and Conventions magazine, he says customer satisfaction hinges as much on process as it does on outcomes.

"Producing a flawless event is the end goal, but projects are won and lost during the planning process," Sloyer says. "Working with clients is always collaborative, and can often span many months."

To leave clients with a smile on their face instead of a scowl, Sloyer says planners should start by answering the following questions to ensure a harmonious planner-client relationship: How do they like to operate? Who will be involved in their decision-making progress? Have they worked with an agency before, and if so, what was that experience like? Do they prefer to communicate by phone, email or in person? Do they want a weekly digest of progress and deliverables, or one-off correspondence as things come up? 

"Understanding who your clients are, irrespective of their events, will help you customize an approach that suits their needs -- and yours," explains Sloyer, who says planners that want happy clients also must learn to accept criticism.

"Not every idea you present is going to be well received, and that's okay," he continues. "But even those that don't make the cut can be beneficial. When concepts or creative don't resonate with your client, find out why. What didn't they like? Were there any specific elements that might have been positive? Did you take something away from the initial brief that might not have been accurate? The more feedback you're able to collect, the more likely your next round of ideas will hit home."

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