How to Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Meetings

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The practice of health and wellness isn't just about the body. It's also about the mind -- especially for meeting attendees, who must stay mentally sharp, awake and engaged in order to be productive at events.

"Finding ways to mitigate mental and physical fatigue and its resulting consequences is especially pertinent for scenarios where we are in close, extended proximity with colleagues or clients," BCD Meetings & Events explains in a recent blog post, in which it extols the benefits of mindfulness for meetings. "To put the concept [of mindfulness] in perspective, think about how an athlete performs. Would your favorite sports star have scored the winning point if they hadn't composed themselves, shut everything out and taken deep breaths before taking the final shot? It was no guarantee of performance, but it certainly helped. These actions exhibit the key tenets of mindfulness."

But attendees won't typically embrace mindfulness on their own. Instead, it's up to planners to help facilitate it.

"For delegates and meeting attendees, creating opportunities for mindfulness can be initiated by sympathetic managers with the shared objective of improving performance. [Meeting planners] can support this by curating an environment to support mindfulness," continues BCD Meetings & Events, which has numerous suggestions for how to accomplish this. Among them: incorporating brief meditations or moments for stretching and simple yoga, and planning breaks that include pro-mindfulness activities like working on adult coloring books. Having designated phone-free areas that allow attendees to unplug also is a good idea.

Even F&B setups can promote mindfulness. If you leave food out for the duration of the meeting, for example, attendees can take breaks when they need to instead of when you tell them to.

Concludes BCD Meetings & Events, "Support mindfulness in your meetings and events and you can expect a more rewarding, sustainable and profitable outcome."

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