How to Handle a Positive Covid-19 Test Result at In-Person Meetings

Early detection and transparent communication are essential.

As coronavirus cases continue to surge and vaccines are slowly rolled out, meeting planners should be considering protocols for in-person events when they are able to return. Beyond enacting measures to mitigate risks for participants, what will you do if an attendee tests positive for Covid-19 on-site?


On this episode of Eventful: The Podcast for Meeting Professionals, we’re speaking with Sean Murray, president of Eurofins, a testing laboratory company that provides on-site Covid testing for workplaces and corporate events — and that recently had to respond to a positive Covid test at one of its own events.
Murray discusses how his organization responded to this health emergency and how Eurofins is delivering its testing services to the wider meeting and incentive market, including through its partnership with engagement firm ITA Group.

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