How to Get Into the Proper Frame of Mind to Network

Following the success of his #1 best seller, Switched–On Success: Balance Your Brain for Sales Success, Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz, JD, Ph.D, has teamed up with networking expert Donna Fisher for Switched–On Networking: Balance Your Brain for Networking Success

We caught up with Teplitz for a brief question-and-answer session to discuss how mental preparation can help people achieve the best results when networking.

Successful Meetings: Tell us about brain optimization as it relates to networking. What is it and why is it important to achieving success?

Dr. Jerry Teplitz: If you’re like most people, you have subconscious beliefs that do not support success. For example, if you have thoughts like, “People never respond to my requests,” then it’s more likely that your requests will go unanswered. If you believe that asking for a referral is hard, it will be more difficult to expand your network. Any limiting or negative beliefs that you hold about success, abundance, effectiveness, or other issues relating to networking are part of your subconscious programming and, when you are faced with situations relating to these topics, they automatically kick in. 

But there are ways to reprogram the hard drive of our subconscious so you can attain the success you want. We use a process called Brain Gym to optimize your mind-body system by re-educating and rebalancing it so you can network with greater ease and efficiency. Specific Brain Gym movements and exercises are used to activate different parts of the brain for optimal storage, retrieval, and processing of information. The goal is to integrate the whole brain for optimal functioning by reprogramming any areas in which your beliefs are blocking you from achieving your goals. 

SM: What is muscle checking and how does it help boost productivity?

Teplitz: Muscle checking is a system for body biofeedback that was first developed by Dr. Robert Levitt from Harvard University in 1912. It allows you to determine exactly what forces, both external and internal, are stressful to your body. Then, once you identify the negative stresses in your life, you can focus on reducing, changing, or eliminating them. The more stresses and negative programming that you eliminate from your life, the more energy you will have to accomplish what you want.

SM: Why do most people have difficulty when it comes to networking?

Teplitz: People have difficulty when it comes to networking because they haven’t developed the confidence and clarity to connect with people in a way that creates meaningful connections and resourceful 

Networking is a blend of attitude, awareness, skills, and habits. Ineffectiveness in any of these areas leads to haphazard networking and inconsistent results. Networking effectiveness comes from developing an attitude of collaboration, an awareness of the value of connecting, strong communication skills, and habits that consistently strengthen 

SM: What are the key elements to being an effective networker?

Teplitz: Masterful networkers have integrated the skills and principles of networking into their lives in such a way that you don’t even notice they’re networking. They interact and connect with people in an easy, natural manner, follow up promptly, and always listen for ways to be a resource for others.

SM: What are the best ways to leverage online and face-to-face networking?

Teplitz: The best way to leverage your networking is to blend the two. Networking today is not simply about meeting face-to-face, it is about using social media to connect with new people, get to know people better, and stay in touch.

After meeting someone in person, you can then connect with them online where you can learn more about them, find friends you have in common, and get to know other people in their network.

You can also leverage your time by participating in virtual networking events. At a virtual event you can learn more about people in a short amount of time because you review their information online while you are communicating with them, and all from the comfort of your home or office.