How to Extend the Life (and Value) of Virtual and Hybrid Events

Events Specialists’ Mahoganey Jones shares tips for leveraging audience data, monetization opportunities and more.

The restrictions on in-person gatherings over the past 16 months gave meeting planners the opportunity to embrace digital events. But for Mahoganey Jones, founder and CEO of Toronto-based Event Specialists, her company had already been "going virtual" for more than a decade.


In this episode of Eventful: The Podcast for Meeting Professionals, Jones discusses how she used her experience as a longtime producer of virtual events, and how the growth of hybrid is opening up new ways for planners to extend the life of their meetings. Here she discusses how to drive value before and after the event itself through smart monetization opportunities, digging in to audience data and more.
Among the points Jones discusses:
• Why planners must focus on their core strengths, whether they are creating a virtual, in-person or hybrid event. (3:40)
• How a “paid upgrade” approach can help planners monetize their virtual events. (5:55)
• How to stand out in a crowded marketplace. (9:35)
• How an affiliate model can be used to create additional funding opportunities. (10:30)
• Why limiting space for in-person events can be an advantage. (15:20)
• Why the post-event process is a crucial, but often overlooked, piece of the event marketing cycle. (19:15)

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