How to Create a Responsible Drinking Culture at Your Events

Alcohol and events can be a great mix, but can leave some attendees out.

Drinking Culture

When you want to learn about creating a responsible drinking culture at events, who better to turn to than Taylor Amerman, global alcohol responsibility manager for Brown-Forman, which owns brands such as Jack Daniel's, Finlandia vodka and el Jimador tequila.

"Some would say my job is ironic, contradictory, or confusing, but that's what I like about it," Amerman says.

One way the company supports the responsible culture is to respect the choice not to drink alcohol at an event. While it varies a bit from country to country, about 30 percent of people do not consume alcohol; your attendees will fit that profile. 

"We like to say that it should be an invitation, but not an expectation, to consume alcohol," she says. "We want you to have a positive experience, especially at events we sponsor." 

It also has to do with reducing risks and liability that come when alcohol is served. So how does Brown-Forman encourage that responsible drinking culture at events it holds or sponsors - and how can you do the same with your events?

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