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How Event Planners Can Prepare for Winter Weather

Don't let a little snow get in the way of your meeting.

The Sagamore

No one likes bad weather -- but for meeting planners, inclement conditions can derail an event that has been months in the making. While one can't control the weather, there are a few ways event coordinators can plan ahead.

The good news is that planners needn't cross certain destinations off their lists. In fact, areas that are prone to heavy snowfall may be the most well-equipped to handle winter events.

"There is a benefit of working with destinations accustomed to seasonal changes in weather," said Deidre Wetelainen, vice president of sales & services at Visit Rochester. "In general, these communities are well accustomed to weather events, such as winter snow storms. In Rochester, there have been very few -- if any -- events over the past few decades that have been dramatically affected by weather. Convention facilities and clients all operate with a 'show must go on' mentality."

What's more, booking an event during a city's off-season can help cut venue and transportation costs.

"The winter months can be extremely desirable for both hotel venues who are looking to fill need times, and for meeting planners who are looking to cut costs and take advantage of lower hotel rates and greater incentives," pointed out Caitlyn Floyd, director of sales for Visit Champaign County.

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