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How to Navigate Your Event Insurance Options During Coronavirus

Coverage is limited for most meeting planners, but there are some protections.

Coronavirus Event Insurance

The fast spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has led a large number of event and meeting organizers to ask tough questions about changes they might need to make to the event or whether it can be held at all. At the top of most of these lists: What are our options as far as insurance? While this often depends on the specific event and policy held by the organizer, there are some general rules of thumb that planners should keep in mind - and important questions that they can ask in reviewing the policies they currently have in place.

To better understand what options are available to planners when it comes to their event insurance in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, Northstar Meetings Group's news and technology editor, Michael Shapiro, caught up with Michael Giusti, senior writer at InsuranceQuotes.com and expert on special-event insurance. Listen to learn where event insurance can be a major help - and where it can't.

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