How to Ensure Attendees Follow Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

Meetings consultant Liz Warwick discusses the EIC’s Code of Conduct and how attendees play a part in creating a safe event.

A safe gathering during the pandemic and beyond now requires everyone to take some responsibility in reducing health risks – attendees included. More than ever, actions taken by individual attendees — to follow social-distancing protocols, to wear masks and take other precautions — can have an effect on every other person at the event. How can planners get participants to buy into the necessity for individual responsibility?


Discussing this challenge on this episode of Eventful: The Podcast for Meeting professionals is Liz Warwick, current chair of the Events Industry Council’s Meeting and Event Redesign Workstream, which supports EIC’s Covid-19 Business Recovery Task Force. Warwick was instrumental in designing a new industry Code of Conduct, a template meeting planners can use when asking attendees to accept their own accountability.
Here, Warwick speaks with Sarah J.F. Braley, Northstar Meetings Group’s managing editor, about how attendees are increasingly responsible for ensuring event safety (1:50), how the Code of Conduct provides a framework that can be adapted to any organization (8:30), the effect vaccines will play in bringing back face-to-face gatherings safely (10:25) and how protocols can help to manage an attendee who does not want to wear a mask (12:05).

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