How to Create a Health Security Plan for Your Event

Jonathan Spero of InHouse Physicians describes what it will take to give attendees the confidence to meet again.


When can we start meeting again? There's no simple answer to this question, considering the various local restrictions, evolving public-health developments and the individual preferences and concerns of attendees. But whenever meetings finally resume, we can be sure that planners will need to have a plan in place for protecting their attendees, reducing the risk of infection spread and providing every stakeholder with the resources they need to meet without fearing for their health.

For every meeting there must be a health security plan, according to Jonathan Spero, CEO of InHouse Physicians. For 30 years InHouse Physicians has provided corporate meetings and events with medical care resources to help attendees and offer health guidance to both planners and venues. For the latest episode of Eventful: The Podcast for Meeting Professionals, we spoke with Spero about how planners can set out a clear plan, drawn on expert advice, to prevent, detect and respond to COVID-19 risks at meetings of all sizes. Even once meetings are allowed to resume, he points out, they can only happen if attendees are comfortable enough to attend.

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