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How to Choose a Hotel That Will Please Everyone

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For meeting professionals, choosing a hotel for a group is like deciding what to have for dinner with your family: There are lots of choices, and nobody wants the same thing. Just like Mom wants Chinese and Dad pizza, some attendees want to stay in a luxury hotel and others in a budget option. Sometimes, therefore, deciding on a property means pleasing no one and disappointing everyone.

Hoteliers have come up with a novel solution, however: multi-branded properties.

"Dual-branded and even triple-branded hotels suddenly are dominating the development pipeline, and for good reason. By sharing the same footprint, back-of-the-house operations, amenities and, in some cases, even employees, they offer tremendous financial and operational synergies," author Cheryl-Anne Sturken reports in an article for Northstar Meetings Group.

Multi-branded properties make sense for developers and hoteliers because they can attract more and diverse people to a single piece of real estate; instead of spending double the money to attract two demographics to two separate developments, they can spend half the money to attract them to the same place.

It's good for groups, too, though. "For meeting planners, booking a multi-tiered host hotel will present the opportunity to negotiate for several room types at different price points, all with one contact and in one place," says Sturken, to whom White Lodging Chief Commercial Officer Chris Anderson said, "Planners know that everyone has their favorite hotels and brands … Combining the brands makes the location a more flexible offering."

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