How to Book a Virtual Keynote Speaker

Keep in mind these guidelines for finding the right presenter for your digital event.


How many times have you heard, read or said "new normal" this week - or just today?

There is little "normal" about the current pandemic and the way it has disrupted the way we hold meetings. Moving from face-to-face events to virtual meetings, online conferences and video platforms are a few of the changes we've had to make in the meetings industry. We've certainly seen major changes here at BigSpeak when it comes to seeking engaging online presenters. So, with all this change, what should a meeting planner look for when booking a keynote speaker for your next online conference? 

You may have quietly lowered your expectations in the past for webinars, after suffering through one too many PowerPoint decks or presenters who seem more focused on what they're going to make for dinner than the audience in front of them. But today's virtual keynotes can be far better - if you know what to look for. They are interactive and - dare I say - fun. 

However, there are a few differences you should know about when you book your next virtual speaker, in terms of presentation formats, booking dates, speaker fees and contracts. Read the full story on for everything you need to know about booking a virtual event speaker.