How to Avoid Zoombombing at Your Virtual Meeting

Here are some tips for keeping uninvited troublemakers out of your online events.


As countless meetings have had to move from physical to online form in response to the coronavirus pandemic, it has exposed virtual events of all sizes to a malignant new phenomenon: Zoombombing. Named after the popular videoconferencing platform Zoom, this refers to disruptions caused by uninvited guests who use the platform's screensharing technology to show graphic or offensive content and generally wreak havoc in the meeting. Regardless of the meeting type, this kind of unwanted guest can create short-term embarrassment at best, and potentially long-term damage to an organization's image.

While these virtual-meeting hacking incidents are troublesome, they are also relatively easy to avoid if the right precautions are taken. Read the full story on for steps to take before and during a meeting to avoid Zoombombing.