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How to Appeal to Gen Z Meeting Attendees

Ways to attract and engage young professionals now entering the workforce.

Ready or not, Gen Z is coming. Defined as the generation born between 1996 and 2010, these individuals were raised after the internet went mainstream, and many came of age in the shadow of the 2008 recession. These and other influences have shaped members of Gen Z in ways that make them distinct from their older counterparts. As they begin to enter the workforce - and your meetings - it's important that we take these distinctions into account.

To understand how this up-and-coming generation might approach meetings differently than those who came before them, we spoke with David and Jonah Stillman. David, a longtime researcher and expert on generational marketing, teamed up with his son Jonah (a member of Gen Z himself) to found Gen Z Guru. The two speak on the topic of how to connect to Gen Z employees and customers and are the authors of Gen Z @ Work

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