GES Lets Event Organizers Be Booth Sleuths

GES Exposition Services recently launched an online tool intended to speed the selection and specification of trade-show booths and other exhibit-related structures for its clients.

The expo-services contractor's new Design Gallery, located at, is a database with thumbnail renderings of the different types of structures it can design and construct. The database is split into two areas: one where show organizers can view illustrations of registration booths, event entrances, information kiosks, signage, and schedule boards; and one where exhibitors can pick out booth designs.

The gallery currently features about a dozen pages of designs. Users can refine their selection process by using a search function that narrows down designs by structure, such as an island-type booth, or by area component, such as a booth with a conference room or a reception area.

GES's clients can pick out a structure from the online library and specify it as is. Or, the electronic tool can serve as a visual starting point where GES can customize a design to a client's specifications. Clay Lovelace, national director of design for the company, said the gallery will both accelerate the process with customers and allow the company's designers to innovate.

If a client requests a contemporary design, said Lovelace, "contemporary can mean different things to different people, so customers can go to the library and pick out a unit and say, 'This is the design I want.' What the gallery does is it saves time in getting to the final design by having everyone on the same page" from the beginning.

Since the company's structural designs are kept in a database, Lovelace said his team of 35 designers across the U.S. can access each other's creations for ideas. "The designers can go online and look at their peers' designs for inspiration," he said. "We're trying to use this as a brainstorming tool."

The designs in the gallery range from small kiosks to large, elaborate structures. Lovelace said GES will continually update the gallery by replacing less popular designs. "Our account executives are making customers aware of the tool, and we're encouraging them to use it."

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