Easy-to-Spot Attendees

It's practically a universal experience at conventions: straining to read badges from even a few feet away to determine whether someone is an exhibitor or buyer, speaker or student, media or staff. In response, Professional Marketing Services Inc., one of the industry's leading badge providers, now offers its length-adjustable badge holders in assorted colors to differentiate attendees from one another.

PMSI has offered badge holders in multiple colors for large orders that shipped directly from the factory, primarily for medical and technical conferences, according to company president Marty Bear. But significant demand has arisen among smaller groups as well. "We were looking for a company that offered a number of different colors, especially in fabric instead of plastic," says Adrienne Watts, vice president of marketing and communications for the National School Supply and Equipment Association in Silver Spring, MD. Watts ordered 13,500 color badges for NSSEA's 2006 School Products Expo in Orlando in March. She said that in the end, she narrowed her need down to six colors.

There is no limit to the number of colors per order, nor an additional charge for multiple colors. PMSI keeps 250,000 units in each of 20 colors in stock at all times.