Dos and Don'ts On the Green

The golf course can be a popular place to mingle and bond with business associates, but just like an office, it’s got a set of rules that everyone is expected to follow. You likely wouldn’t take a phone call in the middle of a boardroom meeting, but would you answer your cell while waiting for another golfer to tee up? To ensure respectful play — and effective business deals — check out our list of resources for proper etiquette on the golf course.
1. The Golf Expert. This website offers a list of rules and manners all golfers should adhere to. All etiquette tips are listed by topic, from ball hunting to speed of play and water hazards. 

2. United States Golf Association. The United States Golf Association offers a more detailed list of etiquette on the golf course. One of the most important rules is to not disturb players when it is their turn, either by moving or talking. Electronic devices are permitted as long as they do not disturb the game. There is also a video accompaniment to each rule.

3. Two Guys Who Golf. One of the important rules of etiquette highlighted on this site is to constantly be aware and respectful of those around you, whether by not distracting them during their turn or not being a source of slow play. 

4. Play Golf America. One of the greatest aspects of golf is that its players govern themselves and respect the rules of the game. The PGA site offers tips on how to look and act like a golfer.

5. Learn About Golf. Not everyone is an experienced golfer and Learn About Golf offers essential tips for beginners — the most important one being “play as it lies,” or not touching your ball under any circumstances. 

6. Livestrong.The Golfing & Cell Phone Etiquette page on this site, which is affiliated with the Lance Armstrong Foundation, offers tips on everything from safety to courtesy to spectator etiquette. It also makes the important point that talking on your cell phone could distract you from your environment, potentially putting you at risk of being struck by an errant ball.