Attendee Interactive's Version 3.0 Widens Scope

Attendee Interactive last month unveiled the latest version of its event-management solution, AI Evolution, at the International
Association of Exhibitions & Events' eMerge:E2 Tech Showcase in Las Vegas.

The new version adds more features to its separate modules, which include tools for exhibitors, speakers and speaker management, attendee management, and event management.

There's also a web-based module that allows planners to produce conference websites.

Attendee Interactive is best known for its speaker management module, which coordinates speaker data, content, travel, and other logistical data, allowing speakers to send in required information on the front end and the planner to monitor the information, send out reminders to speakers, preview presentations and handouts, and pull reports on the back end.

"The content that a speaker offers at the meeting has a life, and the content provided through the system can be a marketing tool to build attendance," said Michael Tydings, Attendee Interactive's president. "Our customers are realizing the power of the two parts, managing speakers and marketing events."

Speaker management can be essential for events with intense breakout sessions, Tydings noted.

Moreover, individual speakers may fill different roles at the meeting, including a keynoter in one session, a moderator in another, and a panelist in yet a third, making automated tracking even more important.

Originally published January 28, 2008