How to Spot an Effective Guest Speaker

The five traits of a strong keynote presenter

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The success of an event can largely depend on how effective and appropriate the presenter is, so selecting the right person can be a major decision. With the large number of conferences and events happening all across the industry, it is important to keep them as engaging and memorable as possible (according to Engaging Events, 53 percent of event professionals believe that attendees want high interaction with speakers at their events).
This is why having effective speakers that can keep the audience members on the edge of their seats is vital to the success of the event. With this in mind, there are five major elements that a planner should consider while evaluating their speaker candidates.

One way you can spot an effective event speaker is their ability to captivate the audience with their overall presence.

For instance, a speaker who demonstrates confidence, wit, humor, and a welcoming demeanor typically gets the attention of the attendees, compared to someone who is more monotone and focuses solely on delivering information.

The former group of traits, paired with a powerful and articulate voice, are likely to grab the attention of the audience.

Another important trait is that the speaker uses storytelling to engage with event attendees. You cannot expect to make an event or conference successful without winning the hearts of those attending it.

A great speaker will incorporate a conversational style and make use of engaging stories to connect with the audience. Speakers that provide small anecdotes from their personal experience and connect these to their keynote speech are simply more memorable.

When the audience can connect with the speaker based on their own personal experience, there is a high chance the speaker will have the audience's full concentration.

An effective guest speaker should be able to motivate and inspire the attendees with a powerful thought process and bind them with a high-energy delivery of the content.

Since it is quite common for attendees to drift off over the course of long events, an effective guest speaker should be able to keep attendees on their toes with the highest level of energy throughout the whole keynote speech.

The expression "content is king" couldn't be more accurate in gauging the power of a well-produced or outstanding visual piece.

Event speakers that present highly valuable information to the audience can spark positive responses and typically get attendees excited for what else is in store. The information itself, however, isn't enough to captivate the audience right away.

An effective guest speaker must be proficient at understanding the technology he would be using for presentations and be able to deliver it flawlessly.

An old PowerPoint presentation with standard, bulletpointed text isn't as effective as it used to be. Many modern presenters are starting to utilize interactive and digital platforms such as high-quality video displays and virtual reality systems.

Also, knowledge of the technology that will be used for the keynote may be helpful in case something goes wrong in the middle of the presentation.

Mark Velarga is the head of marketing at Locus Displays, one of the fastest growing e-commerce trade show display and booth manufacturer in North America.