How to Advance Your Career With Activism

How to Advance Your Career

These days, everyone has a cause. No matter what yours is -- feeding the hungry, saving the environment or fighting for social justice -- you can use it to do good not only for humankind, but also for your career.

"Often when we're given advice on how to perform well in an interview we're reminded of the importance of conveying our passion," author Lindsay Tigar says in an article for Fast Company. "For this reason, talking about your activism in an interview can be very effective. Experience organizing to improve your community speaks to your character and diligence. The trick is to introduce your experience in the right way."

If you want to mention activist causes during a job interview, the secret is to be passionate and professional instead of preachy. That means focusing less on the cause itself and more on what skills you have developed through your support of the cause.

"There are plenty of hard and soft skills that come into play with activism," Tigar explains. "If you're involved within a campaign, you may be hopping on the phone with strangers frequently. If you're organizing a gala to fight hunger in your town, you know what it's like to juggle many clients and contracts."

Be as specific as possible. "By highlighting your examples of activism in and outside of work, you're showing various leadership skills that matter to many employers. It's just your job to describe your experience as such," activist Jovian Zayne tells Tigar, who offers an LGBTQ activist as an example; if they had started a resource group for LGBTQ employees at their last company, that person could speak about how their efforts helped the company increase diversity by X percent. "That's tangible, impressive and gets your values across, too."

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