Top 10 Jobs Supported by the Meetings Industry

Meetings activity directly supported 1.7 million U.S. jobs, 1,128,700 of them in the meetings and tourism industry, according to the 2011 study The Economic Significance of Meetings to the U.S. Economy by the Convention Industry Council. 

The top 10 industries in which jobs are directly supported by the meetings industry are:

1.Food and beverage: 478,000 jobs
2.Accommodation: 334,000 jobs
3.Recreation and entertainment: 94,600 jobs
4.Meeting organizers: 64,200 jobs
5.Air transportation: 59,700 jobs
6.Retail: 49,100 jobs
7.Urban transit: 35,400 jobs
8.Meeting venues: 31,000 jobs
9.Car rentals: 27,700 jobs
10.Other transportation: 19,800 jobs

For the purposes of this study, PwC used the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s definition of a meeting—lasting a minimum of four hours, at least 10 participants, and held in a contracted venue within the United States.

The survey was based on primary and secondary research. The primary research was based on surveys sent to 33,000 meeting organizers, venue managers, destination marketing organizations (DMOs), and exhibitors. 3,510 were returned for a response rate of about 11 percent. The delegate information was based on 2,250 surveys distributed to members of existing survey panels. The secondary research drew on existing research from the industry, such as the USTA’s Travel Economic Impact Model, U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis, and private research from companies like PwC.