Minneapolis-Saint Paul Revamps Transportation Infrastructure

Minneapolis-Saint Paul will undergo a $3 billion transportation overhaul over the next 10 years. So Meet Minneapolis, the Official Convention and Visitors Association announced. The plan includes infrastructure renovations and expansion at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport light-rail transit, downtown shuttle services, expansion of walking and bike paths, and the re-construction of the 1-35W bridge.

The plan follows an evaluation of the issues of transportation that led to an all-inclusive citywide Transportation Action Plan, aimed at a full spectrum of transportation alternatives and issues—from walking and biking to transit and automobile transport. The plan is broken down in four major areas: downtown, citywide, street and sidewal, design guidelines, and streetcar feasibility study.

The downtown action plan was approved by the city council in June. The other plans will be voted on in the coming months by the City Council. Funding for this project was provided by the City of Minneapolis and partner agencies.

In addition as laid out in the "20/20 Vision" by Governor Tim Pawlenty in 2004, through 2020, Minneapolis-St.Paul Airport will have its Humphrey Terminal expanded to 22 gates, which will double its current size, among other improvements. So far, Midwest Airlines, AirTran Airways and Icelandair were moved to the Humphrey Terminal. However, the plan will be reviewed for amendments due to financial constraints.