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First impressions are everything. When you hire a new team member, however, it's not just he or she who must impress you; just as important is you impressing them. Because if you don't make your new hires feel welcome and engaged from the get-go, they might not stay.

"You've gotten through the hard part: hiring a new direct report to join your ranks … But before their first day arrives, there are a few things you as a manager should do to prepare to welcome a new employee with open arms," author Alyse Kalish writes in an article for The Muse. "Some are more logistical -- like figuring out where they'll be sitting and what they'll be working on in their first week -- while others are about ensuring that the person feels appreciated, included and comfortable coming into a new work environment."

A good first step to welcome your new hire is surprisingly simple: Send them an email. 
"Sending an email before they start to convey how happy you are that they're joining the team will make them that much more excited for their next adventure," Kalish says. "It can cover some important stuff, too. Obviously you want to welcome them to the team, but you can also use that note -- if HR hasn't already -- to address their official arrival date and time, discuss company dress code or culture, request any relevant documents like their passport or ID, or even provide an outline of their first-day schedule."

And, of course, you should make sure they know they can reach out to you with any questions they have in advance of their first day. "As someone who has been on the other side, I'm sure you know how intimidating it can be to start a new job with zero context. So make it really easy for them to feel comfortable walking in the door that first day," Kalish concludes.

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