How to Turn Around a Stagnant Job Search

How to Advance Your Career

You've got all the right skills. You've got years of experience. And yet, you're still having a hard time getting noticed by hiring managers. What's wrong?

The answer isn't you. Rather, it's probably how you're marketing yourself, says Karla Miller of The Washington Post Magazine.

"Having decades of experience … is a different beast from knowing how to sell yourself to employers," Miller says. "'Even if you're] using all the right tools -- résumé, LinkedIn, personal outreach -- [you may not be] using them in the most efficient way."

If you're struggling to get employers to notice your qualifications, you should consider hiring a career coach, according to Miller.

"What you need is someone with expertise in your industry and job market to help you wield your tools more effectively," Miller concludes. "A career coach can help refine your résumé and outreach messages and get more mileage out of your LinkedIn account -- for example, making yourself visible to well-connected recruiters and other professionals who can warm up cold contacts for you."

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