How to Teach New Technology to Older Employees

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The modern world is sewn with digital fabric. And so is the modern workplace. Unfortunately, companies' most experienced employees aren't always current on new tools and technology.

"Companies embracing digital transformation are the ones not only staying alive, but thriving. Yet one challenge here may be getting older workers -- baby boomers -- comfortable with the changes going on in American companies," author Nick Candito writes in an article for "Those companies rely to a great extent on the knowledge and expertise of their older employees: Lose their engagement, and you'll lose their knowledge. Lose their knowledge, and you'll lose decades of work and insight. Which means we need to hold on to the knowledge of aging workers as well as keep them engaged in this new age of information overload. And that's a challenge."

Indeed. Older workers shouldn't be dismissed because they lack tech savvy. Rather, they should be educated so they can become tech savvy -- allowing them to simultaneously exploit old knowledge and new skills.

To give your older workers the tech training they need, leverage your younger workers, Candito suggests.

"A great way to set up … training is through partnerships and mentorships," he says. "Match a millennial with a baby boomer and have the millennials walk the boomers through the learning process. This will not only make the training affordable, but help to break down the inter-generational silos that tend to form in today's offices."

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