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Hiring a new employee is like playing a game of roulette: When you spin the wheel, you never know whether you'll win or lose.

Although you can't control the outcome of the game, you can improve your odds of winning by talking to employees on their first day at work, author Jeff Haden writes in an article for "Many bosses assume the conversations they have during the interview process are enough," he says. "They aren't … Great bosses say [the right things] on an employee's very first day to make sure that person gets off to a great -- and focused -- start."

Among the things you should tell new hires on their first day, according to Haden, is why you hired them in the first place.

"Every employee is hired for one or two specific reasons, but often those reasons get lost in all the fluff of the interview process," he says. "Don't just assume that reason is understood. Tell your new employee why you hired her -- not the role she will fill, but why she is such a great fit for that role … [Doing so will] reinforce the connection between her skills, experience, attitude and work ethic, and the actual job you hired her to perform."

Focus on what makes the employee special. "Don't let new employees lose sight of what makes them different. They possess qualities and attributes other candidates didn't. Explain what those qualities are and how they helped you make your hiring decision," Haden concludes. "Few statements are more motivating and set the stage better than, 'We hired you because you're absolutely awesome at developing and empowering people, and we're all excited about the huge difference you're going to make for our employees.'"

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