How to Save Big on Corporate Holiday Parties

Seven ways to create a meaningful event without breaking the bank.

Holiday Party Budget

For many, a highlight of the end of the year is the annual holiday parties they get to attend -- not only those hosted by friends and family, but also corporate events hosted by their own company, clients or others in their business network. But while it's exciting to get an invitation to a holiday party, actually planning one can be quite a bit more challenging. That's especially true when the budget for the gathering has been cut, or keeping costs down is priority for the organization.

But just because you have to save money on a holiday party, doesn't mean you can't still create one that's memorable and gives the impression that you pulled out all the stops.

"A holiday gathering isn't about the favors or the dessert," says Sarah Narcus, owner of Olio, an industrial event venue just north of Boston, and previously owner of Without a Hitch, a New England event planning company. "It isn't about the lighting or the furniture. It's about celebrating accomplishments and the holiday season, and thanking employees for all of their work."

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