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If your career is starting to feel stale, it might be time for a refresh. To give it the fresh coat of paint it so desperately needs, consider taking a mid-career sabbatical.

"The number of people taking lengthy sabbaticals later in life is increasing, according to experts," says BBC contributor Elizabeth Garone. "That's in part due to companies becoming more open to the idea and the higher rate at which people are changing jobs. And depending on how you play your cards, you can return with a better job than when you left."

Taking a sabbatical -- especially one that takes you abroad -- can give you a new perspective and even new skills, both of which can give your career a boost when you return.

"If you're thinking of taking a mid-career break that boosts your outlook and skills, consider going abroad, where you could try undertaking informal paid work or volunteering, either of which could give you a fresh perspective on things upon your return," Garone continues. "The experience could also improve your basic competencies."

Although there might be pushback from your boss, it can be a win-win for employers and employees alike. The latter return to their jobs reinvigorated and reinvested, Garone points out; the former, meanwhile, get to save in the budget for that year by not having to pay the employee's salary, but without sacrificing the investment they've made in training that employee over the years.

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