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Let's face it: Job interviews are stressful. If you want things to go smoothly, you've got to tame your anxiety. The best way to do that? Prepare, author Alyse Kalish writes in an article for The Muse.

"The night before an interview can be a stressful time -- usually one filled with 'what if's?'" Kalish says. "'What if I don't know the answer to a question? What if I trip and fall on my way into the office? What if I sleep through my alarm and miss the entire thing and never get a job ever again?'  This is only normal, and you're certainly not alone in these thoughts. But that's why you should actually spend time the night before doing a little something called preparation! Because when you're prepared, there's really no reason to worry."

To prepare for an interview, start with your clothes. "Even if this is something you never do on a regular basis, laying out your outfit the day before ensures you're not scrambling in the morning to come up with something appropriate," Kalish notes. "Plus, it's a great opportunity to check and make sure your shoes match and that your clothes are stain- and wrinkle-free."

Next, find out where you're going. "Hop on Google Maps to make sure you know the route -- and check any emails from the company for important information on parking, confusing entrances and anything else," Kalish says. "Write the directions down in your phone so they're ready to go in the a.m."

Finally, you should even plan -- and maybe even pre-make -- your breakfast. "I don't care if you never eat breakfast -- you should before an interview for all the reasons you already know about," Kalish concludes. "Don't let hunger, or hanger, throw you off."

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