How to Qualify More Sales Leads Without More Sales Staff

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New customers are the beating heart of every business. Without them, it's impossible to sustain a company, let alone grow it. To get the new customers they need, the most successful companies know that an influx of prospects is not enough; instead, they need an influx of the right prospects.

The secret to getting exactly that is lead qualification, author Syed Balkhi writes in a recent article for "Especially in B2B industries, you need to qualify your leads in order to determine if you should be spending your valuable time trying to convert them, or if you should move on to a [prospect] who's more likely to buy," Balkhi says.

In order to qualify leads quickly and correctly, companies need to invest in a bigger, more sophisticated sales force. Or do they? When they utilize one technology, in particular -- chatbots -- companies can get maximum impact with a minimum sales force, Balkhi suggests. "You can use chatbots to qualify leads for you," he says. "Chatbots can be set up to automatically interact with visitors to your [website], welcome those visitors, then ask them lead-qualifying questions that you've pre-determined, such as: What brought you to our website today/what problems are you looking to solve? What is your budget for this project? Who is the decision maker at your company? What other solutions are you evaluating?"

Setting up chatbots to ask these and similar questions frees up salespeople to do what they do best: make actual sales.

"Having your chatbot qualify leads for you will weed out those visitors who aren't worth your time, so you can focus on the ones who do," Balkhi concludes.

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