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How to Lighten Your Mental Load

How to Achieve Work/Life Balance

Some days, it probably feels like you're carrying a lead balloon on your shoulders. The reason could be that you're carrying around a lot of extra weight in the form of unfinished tasks, author John Rampton writes in an article for Entrepreneur.com.

"We all put off that one thing: the phone call to your insurance company, cleaning up your desk, changing the batteries in the smoke alarms," notes Rampton. "If you have unfinished tasks, you are carrying a heavy weight around with you all the time, no matter how small each task is."

If unfinished tasks are like weights, the easiest way to lighten your load is to finally do the things you've been putting off. Making a list every morning of your priorities for the day can help.

"After you've listed your priorities for the day, add a long-standing chore to your to-do-list. For example, at the end of the workday, you'll make that phone call or organize your workplace, since you've already gotten all of your most important and energy-draining tasks done for the day," Rampton says. "You'll be surprised at how much better, and productive, you'll feel once you've crossed these items off your list -- even if it's just a mental list."

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