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Maybe you want to be closer to family. Maybe your spouse is being transferred. Or perhaps you just need to press "restart" on your life and career. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of scenarios where you might one day find yourself looking to move out of state. If and when that day comes, you'll need to find not only a new home in your new city, but also a new job.

Unfortunately, that's often easier said than done. That's because many employers prefer local candidates, who typically have roots in the community that make them more likely to stay in a job than outsiders who move around.

With that in mind, getting an out-of-state job requires you to outshine those local candidates. To do so, you should leverage your cover letter to send the right message, author Debra Auerbach writes in a post on CareerBuilder's blog.

"The cover letter provides a great platform for you to explain why you're moving -- and that you're committed to doing so if you get the job," says Auerbach, who consulted Lauren Milligan, career advancement coach at ResuMAYDAY, for cover letter advice.

"The candidate should be the one to first mention the relocation, in the cover letter," explains Milligan, who says you should illustrate why the relocation will help you achieve both your personal and your professional goals. "Let the employer know if you are relocating back to an area you used to live. If that's not the case, let them know you've already toured the area extensively with your family, who is looking forward to the excellent school system, or little league baseball team, or anything else that shows permanence. State your expected move-in date, and let the employer know that you're moving to the area for reasons other than this job -- that the job isn't the only motivation that's guiding you and your family. A well-written, friendly and upbeat cover letter is a great way to get your foot in the door, despite not being a local candidate."

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