How to Kickstart Your Employees' Creativity

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Whatever industry you're in, creativity is an asset you should value in your employees, author Ceren Cubukcu asserts in an article for "In every type of job, there is always room for creativity and innovation," Cubukcu says. "It is not only art or technology that needs to be creative and innovative. Even in accounting there are ways to be more creative."

As a leader, therefore, the biggest question facing you isn't whether you should promote creativity in your workforce, but rather how you should promote creativity in your workforce.

Cubukcu suggests starting with hiring practices.

"Hire diverse people," he recommends. "Different people with different backgrounds see things from a different perspective. As a result, when they are trying to solve something, they come up with different solutions. Therefore, if you hire similar people with similar education and similar cultural values, you can miss out on different options. For this reason, try to hire individuals who come from different places and who are at different places in their lives to increase creativity in your company."

Another idea: Create an "inspiration room" in the office.

"Make an inspiration room different than any other rooms in the office, so when your employees want to take a break or need some inspiration, they can go to this room and refresh their minds," Cubukcu says. "Also, make this room social so your employees can gather together and have a lunch or coffee break. It is best to decorate this room in an innovative design to reflect that creative feeling, so you may want to work with an interior designer for this."

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