How to Keep Your Job Search Alive Over the Holidays

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Although the world keeps on spinning, it sometimes feels like time stops between Thanksgiving and New Year's. Projects get pushed off until next month. Managers cut days short for holiday celebrations. And clients finally take a vacation. The season practically begs you to rest on your laurels.

If your New Year's resolution involves getting a new gig, however, you can't afford to take the holidays off from job-hunting.

"As hard as it may seem, muster up some holiday merriment to make yourself … more proactive in hopes of getting a new job in the New Year," advises Monster contributor Elana Lyn Gross on the company's "Career Advice" blog.

According to Gross, there are numerous things you can do to keep your job search moving in the right direction during the holiday season, even though recruiting and hiring typically slow down in December. The most obvious, for example, is networking.

"You never know who your uncle's best friend's aunt knows and how she can help you land a new job," Gross says. "Talk about your job search at holiday parties with your nearest and dearest, and don't shy away from being specific about your target companies or role."

Holiday parties aren't your only opportunity to put out feelers. Holiday cards are good tools, too.

"When you send out holiday cards or emails, write some individualized ones for people who have been supportive of your job search," Gross continues. "People are more likely to help you because you've sent a reminder about your job search while showing your gratitude."

Finally, keep sending out resumes. "Hiring managers will be reviewing applications throughout the holidays and into the New Year," Gross concludes. "You'll have a competitive advantage if you send applications when other people are hitting snooze on their search."

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