How to Interval-Train Your Workday

How to Achieve Work/Life Balance

If you're a fitness enthusiast, you're probably familiar with the theory behind interval training: Research shows that intervals -- workouts that alternate between high-intensity exercise and low-intensity rest periods -- increase fitness and burn more calories than steady-state cardio.

As it turns out, the same principal applies to work, according to's Catherine Clifford.

"The physical necessity of the human body to rest is largely understood and honored in the elite athletics world, but it's categorically undermined in the American corporate world," reports Clifford, who says work "intervals" are the key to unlocking less stress and more productivity. "In the same way that marathon runners take time off to let their muscles recover, so, too should people take breaks during their workday. Breaking your day, week, year, and even entire career into periods of intense focus alternated with intense rest will lead to maximum productivity."

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