How to Increase Your Content-Marketing Efficiency

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These days, marketing a business without online content is like driving a car without a steering wheel: It's not going to go anywhere.

"Creating quality marketing content has become a prerequisite as opposed to being a competitive advantage," author Dakota Shane writes in an article for "If you don't get a head start … now, five years from now you'll risk being as far behind your competitors as brands that thought websites were a 'just a fad' back in the early 2000s."

It's true: Content marketing is effective. Unfortunately, it also can be time-consuming. After all, churning out tons of great content requires lots of time to plan it, write it and promote it.

The solution, according to Shane, is to turn a single piece of content into numerous pieces of content.

"To start, write an in-depth blog post answering a question your industry would love to know the answer to," advises Shane, who says posts should be at least 1,500 words -- long enough that you'll be able to break it up into numerous smaller chunks for republication later. "Next, share the blog post in your email newsletter."

After that, turn to social media. "Once you have your post, you have tons of social content at your fingertips with Tweets alone -- particularly with quote tweets, which simply copy and paste pieces of the post into Tweets along with a link back to the article," Shane says. "Space these Tweets out across the month. Additionally, to ensure everyone gets the chance to see and read it, share your blog post across all your social media channels one to two times per week throughout the month."

It's the "cake" approach to content marketing: From a single cake you get many slices.

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