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Summer is nearly here. With it come beaches, swimming pools, family vacations and -- for college students in between school years -- summer internships.

If your company plans to take on interns this summer, you should consider how to make the experience a positive one for both you and them, according reporter Joyce M. Rosenberg, who says interns want internships that offer meaningful work instead of menial work.

"Fresh face or long face?" she asks in an article for the Associated Press. "Which one you see on interns … may depend on whether the boss gives them a chance to shine or do only menial tasks."

To help your interns shine, give them "work that's an integral part of a company's operations, or projects designed to help them learn more about the business and its industry," suggests Rosenberg, who says employers should strive to provide more learning and less busy work.

"The most successful internships are those where students have a mentor to offer advice and make sure interns aren't overwhelmed," she concludes.

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