How to Generate Leads From Your Website

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Websites are critical for business-to-business marketing. The best websites don't just build awareness, however; they also build sales.

"In today's day and age, every business owner knows they must have an online presence to be competitive. But not everyone understands how to optimize that online presence," author John Jantsch writes in a post at Duct Tape Marketing. "Your website is the heart of your business's online existence, so ensuring that it's designed to maximize lead generation is critical to securing long-term success for your company."

The key to turning your website into a lead-generation machine? Content.

"Having a website that's filled with rich, valuable information is what will keep prospects on your site and entice them to come back for more," Jantsch says. "This means that your website needs to go beyond answering the basic question of how your business can solve a prospect's problem. It must provide in-depth content on the topic that establishes your business as an authoritative voice in your industry, and provides prospects with the assurance that yours is the team for the job."

A blog can be a good vehicle for sharing such content. If you don't have one, Jantsch says, you should start one. And if you do have one, you should develop a strategy to make sure you're keeping it updated. Consider a thematic approach, for instance.

"If you pick a different area of interest each month and offer a deep dive into related topics on your blog, you're creating value for your prospects and continuing to offer interesting content regularly that will keep them coming back," Jantsch concludes. "Once your blog has become a go-to source of information for your prospects, you can target them with offers for related white papers or your newsletter that's dedicated to a relevant topic. This helps to move these prospects further down the marketing hourglass, as you begin to establish your brand as one that they know, like and trust."

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