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"A company's branding is an important part of its consumer-facing identity. No aspect of branding is more visible or immediately recognizable than a company logo," author Adam C. Uzialko says in a recent article for Business News Daily.

Whether you're launching a new venture or re-branding an existing one, there are a few things you should consider when choosing a logo, according to Dan Ferguson, CMO at cosmetics retailer Adore Beauty. "Think carefully about the colors, shapes, patterns and fonts you use and the emotions they create around your brand," he tells Uzialko. "If there is a mismatch between your identity, values and logo, it can lead you down the difficult path of trying to market a disengaging or downright confusing brand."

First, consider color. "Color psychology plays a huge part in the messages that your logo sends and the way those messages are interpreted," Uzialko explains. "What do your logo colors say about your brand? What emotions do your colors elicit? Research … shows that consumers associate warm colors like red and orange with passion, vigor and energy, while cool colors like blue and green are associated with tranquility, refreshment and nature."

Next comes shape. Circular designs, for example, connote "ideas of positivity, endurance, community and even femininity," according to Uzialko, while square designs convey "messages of balance, symmetry, strength, professionalism and efficiency."

Whatever design choices you make, remember the popular acronym "KISS": Keep It Simple, Stupid. "The most effective logos are wordless and minimalist," Uzialko concludes.

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