How to Boost Employee Morale in Just 15 Minutes

How to Manage Employees

If you want your business to perform better, you need to inspire your employees to perform better, too. The secret? High morale.

"Nobody wants to have a business full of unhappy employees, and we all know that people do their best work when morale is high," says contributor Bedros Keuilian.

According to Keuilian, you can increase employee morale quickly, easily and affordably by sending a single weekly email to your team.

"It's one of my favorite recommendations … because you don't have to spend any extra money and it will only take you 10 to 15 minutes every week," Keuilian says. "Every Monday morning, write an email to everyone on your team where you: 1) Remind the team of your vision for the company in one or two sentences, 2) Share a lesson you've learned recently that the team can apply to their own work, and 3) Ask the team for their thoughts on the lesson and any other feedback they have."

The secret is to do it every week, not just once. "This is something that compounds over time. If you make it a habit, you'll be amazed at how much your team members will grow from these lessons and thank you for sharing them. In fact, I've even had team members leave and later email me back to thank me and say they miss my emails," says Keuilian, who calls the emails "literally the easiest, fastest and least expensive … method to start building a successful culture in your business." 

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