How to Be an Inspirational Boss

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There are many kinds of bosses. There are strict bosses, for instance, and lenient bosses. Serious bosses and silly ones. Smart bosses and not so smart bosses. If you ask Fast Company columnist Maynard Webb, however, the best kind of boss to be is an inspirational one.

"Whether you are a manager or a leader, you need to establish credibility so people trust that you are going to do what you promise you'll do," Webb, former CEO of LiveOps and former COO of eBay, writes in his weekly "Dear Founder" column. "But being a leader is about more than getting stuff done. A leader is responsible for selling a vision and inspiring people to become better than they ever imagined."

Although it sounds like a tall order, "selling a vision and inspiring people" is easier than you think, according to Webb. The secret, he says, is allowing yourself to be human instead of portraying yourself as superhuman.

"You go from being a manager to becoming an inspiring leader," Webb says, "when: You are authentic. You are transparent. You admit mistakes and seek forgiveness. You are vulnerable."

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