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If you want your company to perform at its peak, you'll need to hire the best talent available. And because nearly 47 percent of U.S. workers are women, that means making your workplace as attractive as possible for female employees -- including mothers.

The secret is offering unique, family-friend benefits, author Jane Hurst suggests in an article for the Glassdoor for Employers blog. "Finding female talent is easy, but making your company attractive enough for them to want to work at is another ball game altogether," Hurst says. "For instance, many women are also mothers who are trying to balance their home life and their careers. When you are able to offer them benefits that help them to succeed in their careers and enjoy a healthy home life, you are going to find more and more women who want to work for you."

There are many benefits that might appeal to working moms. An easy one, for example, is flex scheduling. "Every mom is different, and has different needs when it comes to the hours they work … For instance, a mother with small children will more likely need a flexible schedule to deal with illnesses and other issues than a mother with teenagers in high school," Hurst says. "Employers that allow their employees to work from other locations, take time off, rearrange their schedules, etc., are very attractive to working moms."

If you're willing to spend some money on attractive benefits, paid maternity leave is an obvious asset. Another good idea, however, is concierge services.

"You may want to consider offering concierge services that will help make the lives of your employees easier, and attract mothers," Hurst concludes. "For instance, you can offer things like after-school babysitters, dog walkers, errand-runners, housekeepers, etc. Anything that is going to help make everyday life easier for your employees will make your company one that mothers will want to work for."

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