A Young Westin Property Gets Spruced Up in the Big Apple

Looking to beat to the punch any accusations of becoming a tired hotel, the relatively young Westin New York at Times Square is undergoing a $20-million renovation.

A mere five years old, the 863-room property will finish upgrading its meeting space next month—completing a spruce-up that started late last year—and will, in early 2009, renovate more than half of its accommodations; the remaining rooms were redone earlier this year.

"Renovating after such a short period of time ensures the hotel always stays ahead of the curve," said Karen Colliton-Thomson, director of sales and marketing. "This makeover shows our commitment to guests, assuring that the hotel never gets tired."

In August, the lighting in the hotel's Majestic ballroom will be changed. That follows a redo of the 3,528-sf space this year to remove the out coves—or areas of the room where the walls were recessed—to create a singular floor plan.

The hotel's remaining 30,472 sf of meeting space received $1.5 million in new carpets and wall coverings. The area includes two other ballrooms of 3,192 and 3,108 sf, respectively, and two boardrooms, one for 18 people and the other up to 50.

Meanwhile, 422 guest rooms will receive new, extra-long veneer-topped maplewood headboards, glass coverings atop all desks and table tops, and new upholstery in a softened palette for each room's chair and padded bench. New floor lamps, wall coverings, carpets, drapes, and artwork complete the redesign. Also to be added are 32-inch LCD HDTVs and, in the bathroom, amenity carts.

Bar 10, the hotel's second-story bar, is now more open to the lobby than it was before.

Originally published July 21, 2008