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Okinawa: Where Inspiration Meets

Okinawa's distinctive history, culture, and natural environment attract business travelers, meeting planners and leisure travelers from all over the world. This is where you'll find the spirit of Bankoku Shinryo -- or "bridge between nations" -- that has helped the region prosper.

Okinawa is a crossroad connecting countries, people, and businesses to their mutual benefit. Business-oriented Okinawa -- also one of the leading vacation resorts in Asia -- will energize you and your group and encourage a vast, ocean-like level of inspiration.


Okinawa meeting room f

The three top advantages for choosing Okinawa for your next event:

  • Unique essence. The people of Okinawa are open-minded by nature and welcome everyone wholeheartedly (this stems from Okinawa's heritage as a bridge between nations). Okinawa connects MICE participants and encourages lively business and academic exchanges. It's an extraordinary location created by the unique natural environment, and as such, it inspires and ignites creative thinking in MICE participants. 
  • Easy access. Okinawa is an exotic destination, but still easy to get to. Regularly scheduled international flights include 10 routes/139 flights per week and 36 regularly scheduled domestic flights.
  • Experience with MICE events. More and more meetings planners are noticing Okinawa, as evidenced by the increase in MICE events. A record 1,238 events were held there in 2018. 


Okinawa convention center

In 2017, the Okinawa MICE Promotion Strategy was created, which outlines medium- and long-term strategies aimed at establishing Okinawa as a "hub for academic and business exchanges through hosting MICE events" and "boosting local industries through ripple effects triggered by MICE" by maximizing its ability to attract visitors and serve as a crossroads of exchange.

This commitment includes the development of a framework to ensure MICE event readiness, and the creation of large-scale MICE centers which will be at the core of this framework.  


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According to Dr. Youhei Morita, Associate Vice President, Okinawa Institute of Science Graduate University (OIST), there are many benefits to holding a MICE event in Okinawa. He says, "Okinawa is an ideal location for meetings and conferences. It's blessed with a pristine environment, including crystal-clear waters and coral reefs. A setting so removed from participants' everyday lives will undoubtedly facilitate discussions during conferences and exchanges among researchers.

"Okinawa may seem like a far-off place, but access by air from cities in Japan and abroad is already quite good, and the infrastructure is improving, making it easier for overseas participants to visit the islands."


Okinawa OIST f

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University. OIST is a research and educational facility overlooking the beautiful beaches of Onna-son. Its Conference Center, which houses a 493-seat auditorium and four meeting rooms, offers state-of-the-art equipment and is flexible enough to be used for a variety of purposes. 


Okinawa Bankoku Shinroykan f

Bankoku Shinryokan. This resort-style MICE facility offers the utmost in professionalism, nestled within a tropical paradise. Having served as a venue for the Kyushu-Okinawa G8 Summit, Bankoku Shinryokan has a range of convention/meeting facilities and spaces equipped with state-of-the art functionality. True to the spirit of its name, Shinryokan's professional team offers meticulous hospitality and full support.



Okinawa Hotel collective f

Hotel Collective. Situated in a convenient location in the heart of Naha Kokusai Street, the Hotel Collective is ideal for both business and sightseeing. Its two conference rooms, both pillar-less, can be tailored to host a variety of occasions. The hotel's large conference room is more than 5,000 square feet. It's equipped with a 300-inch LED display in the front and a 200-inch multi-display in the back.



Okinawa Hotel overview f

Hyatt Regency Seragaki Island. Hyatt Regency Seragaki Island is a luxury hotel featuring a 360-degree view of the crystal-clear ocean, which can be enjoyed from the balconies of all guestrooms. Facilities include a banquet hall with a terrace overlooking the ocean, as well as beaches, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a spa and a fitness center.



Okinawa Hilton Chatan

Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort. Diverse functions of various sizes and styles, from events and conferences to parties, are meticulously arranged with the flexibility to accommodate special requirements. A total of five banquet halls, the largest of which accommodates up to 400 people, is available. The Terrace Party also offers memorable experiences with Okinawan Breeze.   




Okinawa gangara f

Valley of Gangala. Interested in hosting an event inside a limestone cave formed over hundreds of thousands of years? Visit the Valley of Gangala to feel the water dripping from stalactites, touch the bare stone, and take a journey back to ancient times. Meeting planners from all over the world are taking notice of this awe-inspiring location.



Okinawa Katsuren castle f

Katsuren Castle Site. The Katsuren Castle ruins are filled with a distinct, other-worldly air, and offer a rare opportunity to host a function at a UNESCO World Heritage site. The long, gentle steps that stretch from the top of the castle are perfect for presenting an award.

For more information on holding your meeting in Okinawa, visit our website: https://mice.okinawastory.jp/en/.