Zentila Unveils Technology to Customize Meetings Packages

Zentila, the SaaS based meetings management technology company, recently launched ZenDealz, hotel offer technology that enables hotels to target specific groups with custom offers. When a planner creates an eRFP using Zentila’s RFP Genie, only the relevant offers are delivered immediately to the planner based on their meeting details right at the point when they are creating the RFP and only if there is a match between the hotel offering and the meeting.

“Meeting planners are running so fast it’s almost impossible to remember what’s being offered and by whom,” says Mike Mason, CEO and founder of Zentila. “And even if they do remember it, it’s challenging to understand how the offer really affects their meeting budget, not to mention the rules in redeeming the offers.”

The system automatically calculates the specific value of each offer so planners can evaluate what it will mean to the meeting’s bottom line in real time. The current method to connect meetings to hotels’ need-dates is to e- blast an offer out to the meetings universe. “Email blasts rarely work, for a variety of reasons, mainly that they’re meant for mass appeal. That generally means that they appeal to almost no one,” says Mason. “For both planners and hotels, offers are all about relevance and ZenDealz makes that possible.”

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