Virtual Edge Institute Launches Livecast Series for Virtual Event Planners

The Virtual Edge Institute (VEI), an organization dedicated to advancing the development and adoption of virtual meeting technology, has launched a new series of free "Livecasts" that will help meeting professionals learn to organize virtual events, it recently announced.

"With the speed at which virtual and hybrid events are exploding in the event industry, it's critical that event planners receive sound instruction on integrated approaches to digital engagement related to specific business objectives," said VEI Executive Director Michael Doyle. "With that in mind, we are launching several educational initiatives, including this Livecast series."

Taking place tomorrow, May 13, at 2 p.m. ET, VEI's first Livecast will be "Capturing and Monetizing Your Content," which will teach meeting planners the newest technologies for capturing content, what it costs to capture content, audio/visual and meeting site issues to be aware of, how to market captured content and how to best monetize content.

"Whether you're part of an association or corporation, you've got lots of content — and there are lots of ways to monetize it," said Livecast moderator and host Donna Sanford. "We want to help event organizers learn to use the latest digital technologies to capture and reuse that content."

For more information about VEI's Livecasts, including future events, visit