VCopious Launches 'Virtual Spaces' Application Server Appliance

VCopious, a virtual environment software company, has launched what it says is the first-ever "virtual spaces" application server appliance, it announced last week.

The application, called VC2, resides behind a company's firewall, where it offers immersive networking, socializing and tracking tools, as well as a proprietary content management system, designed to enable self-service virtual environment building tools in either 3-D or 2-D.

"The appliance strategy will revolutionize the virtual space market in a way that will evolve the industry from a service one-off event industry to an integrated software industry with long-term customer relationships," said VCopious CEO Ken Hayward. "The VCopious resident application for aggregating digital assets and social media, within immersive 'spaces,' has applications that range from product launches, customer service portals and hybrid conferences to employee training and virtual branding events."

Available in a "Professional Solution" version that can handle 5,000 concurrent users and eight environments, or an "Enterprise Solution" version that can handle 30,000 concurrent users and up to 20 environments, the VC2 server appliance is intended to help companies move from hosting individual virtual events via third-party solutions to developing an entire suite of self-service integrated digital offerings.

"We've assembled a socially-driven business ecosystem to deliver an enriched multi-layer experience for our customers," said Chief Technical Officer Harpreet Chatha. "From persistent web environments to virtual conferences, the VC2 server appliance enables enterprises to seamlessly connect relevant internal assets, including e-commerce, CRM, customer records, social media, learning management systems and contact centers, all the while collecting every user activity within the platform."

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